Component Assembly
and Testing

High precision components can be created, designed and manufactured in house at A&B Engineering to meet the quality, deadline and budget requirements of most manufacturing infrastructures, both in the United Kingdom and abroad.

Full Part Assemblies from Machined Components Including Surface Treatments, Helicoil Inserts, Studs, Barbs, etc. Our range of techniques and a highly skilled workforce ensures quality and pride in workmanship.

Furthermore, we can also offer additional services consisting of Anodising, Welding, Bead Blasting/Vapour Blasting, Plating, Powder coating.

Component Assembly Kent

Information on our additional services...

Anodising provides a protective, corrosion-resistant coating for metal components, enhancing durability and wear resistance.

Bead Blasting/Vapour Blasting:
Bead and vapour blasting clean and texture surfaces, often used in automotive and marine restoration.

Plating is an electrochemical process that deposits a metal layer onto substrates, improving appearance and functionality.

Powder Coating:
Powder coating creates a durable, attractive finish through a dry powder application and heat curing, used in various industries for its longevity and environmental benefits.

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Quality Control

Our in-house inspection and quality department ensures that all precision machined components are manufactured to the highest quality standards Quality Control
Component Design And Prototyping Maidstone, Kent UK

Design & Prototyping

The CAD Software and 3D Printing capabilities we possess allow us to take your drawings and designs and manufacture them with accuracy, constancy and reliability Design & Prototyping
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Project Management

All inspection requirements undertaken, first article reports, full batch production statistical reporting. Highly equipped, fully calibrated inspection department. Project Management
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