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Aerospace CNC Component Machine Manufacturers In Maidstone Kent And South East

5 Axis Machining

Over the years, we have invested in some of the biggest names and best machines on the market. These machines are Japanese made Mazak Integrex, full 5 Axis Simultaneous capable and with state of the art controls and tooling systems. They have partnered with accurate and powerful CAD/CAM software solutions for consistent and reliable part programming. Most of the components produced on these machines are completed in one single operation, thus enabling better control of dimensional tolerances and faster turn around from initial order placement to delivery to the customer. Lights out operations with full in-cycle measurement capabilities, enable continuous production of very complex precision components in medium to high volume batches. On most components, 24 hours a day, seven days a week production demands are easily achievable.

CNC Milling And CNC Turning

CNC Milling & CNC Turning

Here at A&B Engineering CNC Milling is very much a big part of our company. We use a varied range of machines with capabilities of 3, 4 and 5 axis machining, allowing us to machine complex and intricate components. We can offer a high-quality CNC multi-axis milling and turning service with components machined up to 300 mm and barfed up to 65 mm diameter. Large part CNC milling is also available up to 3000 mm long and 2500 kg.

Aerospace CNC Component Manufacturers In Maidstone Kent And South East

Assembly And Testing

High precision components can be created, designed and manufactured in house at A&B Engineering to meet the quality, deadline and budget requirements of most manufacturing infrastructures, both in the United Kingdom and abroad. Full Part Assemblies from Machined Components Including Surface Treatments, Helicoil Inserts, Studs, Barbs Etc. Our range of techniques and a highly skilled workforce ensures quality and pride in workmanship. Furthermore, we can also off additional services consisting of Anodising, Welding, Bead Blasting/Vapour Blasting, Plating, Powder coating.

Precision Engineering Quality Control Management

Quality Control

Our in house inspection and quality department ensures that all precision machined components are manufactured to the highest quality standard, accompanied by full materials traceability. A&B provide an unbroken component audit trail in line with the requirements of our approval to EN 9001:2015. Why not contact us today? Our skilled team of engineers are always happy to help customers with their specific precision machining requirements. While using only the best and latest technology, this allows us to keep up with demand, it allows us to ensure quality and maintain accuracy consistently no matter how complex the components are.

Component Design And Prototyping

Design And Prototyping

Our CAD office is fully compatible with most industry-standard design and project management software, thus enabling a smoother transition between our customer’s drawings and models through to the finished components. Our CAD Software and 3D Printing capabilities allow us to take your drawings and designs and manufacture them with accuracy, constancy and reliability. From Initial Concept Sketches to Full Product Assembly. Complete with Drawing Packs & Data Analysis Reports. Initial Prototypes of Sub Components, Testing, Approval, up to Full Batch Production.

CNC Machining

CNC Multitasking – Integrex, Full 5 axis Silmultaneous Milling and Turning. In Cycle Probe Measuring to Control Precision of Critical Dimension Features. CNC Milling – 3, 4 & 5 Axis Simultaneous milling strategies, Imachining, Trochoidal Milling, Drilling, Tapping, Boring, Broaching, In Cycle Probing for Consistent Accuracy. CNC Turning - 3 axis Turning, Driven Tooling for Milling, Drilling & Tapping. Bar Fed and Chucking. CNC 3D Surface Machining - Mould Tool Surfacing and Cosmetic Surfacing CNC Engraving - From Serial Numbering to Advanced 3D Cosmetic Detailing & Logo's

CNC Project Management

Project Management

CNC Programming - Complete CNC Programming Solutions from Simple Components up to Complex 5 Axis Parts. Multiple Strategies using the latest CAD/CAM Software Capable of running programs on most CNC Controls Including Mazatrol. Sub Contract Inspection - All Inspection Requirements Undertaken, First Article Reports, Full Batch Production Statistical Reporting. Highly Equipped, Fully Calibrated Inspection Department. Multiple automated CMM and Vision Systems. Finishing Services - In House Decorative Bead Blasting and Vapour Blasting, as well as Rumling, Polishing, Lapping

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